Weekend Recap! – Monday :)

Well, since my days off are Sunday and Monday…Monday is technically my Sunday, and therefore part of my weekend. It makes sense…really…

Anyway, I’ve procrastinated and finally got my taxes done this morning. Ugh…I’m just happy that I don’t owe anything :)

After a nice hour and a half at my tax guy’s office…Pooh and I hurried to an informal business meeting with 2 of our colleagues. We’ve been working on a project for a year now and things are looking great! I’d expatiate but I’d rather wait until things are near the final stages and everything is for sure. With that said, Pooh and I are so very excited!

Pooh and I decided treat ourselves to some sushi for lunch! It was delicious, as always :)

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  • Charlee
    March 27, 2007

    awww… u guys are sooo cute. i love sushi btw… hint. lol. me n my friends are goin to socal for spring break instead of mexico so lets hang out yah? take it easy. ~charlee