Time To Celebrate!

It’s time to bust out the champagne! The company that I work for (my day job) hired Pooh as their Lead Graphic Designer. I am very proud of my Pooh and am very excited for him. It’s a position that a lot of very talented and well qualified designers applied for. Pooh’s portfolio was very very very impressive, despite having less professional work experience in the field than other applicants. We’re both very excited because it is a great start to his career in Graphic Design! I am also very happy because we’ll both be working together again and we can carpool! We’ll be having a celebration dinner this weekend…so I’ll be posting about it soon. Cheers!

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5 Comments to “Time To Celebrate!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to Pooh! Good things happen to good people!

  2. justin says:

    congras! very happy for u both :)

  3. Moody says:

    Congrats to you Pooh!

    …Working together will be a blast!

  4. Hazen says:

    The combination & contrast of emotional love and exhibitionism/eroticism on this site could not be better illustrated than by these last two posts.

    Such talented individuals and such a loving couple. You guys are wise beyound your years.

  5. Eukolos says:

    Congratulations! It’s nice to hear of good things happening to nice people. I hope it turns out even better than you anticipate.

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