Sick Day at Balboa =(

I called out sick yesterday (thursday). I woke up with the worst congestion, stuffy head, sniffly nose…ugh…Pooh gave me his cold (>.<) I went with Pooh later that day to assist him on his photoshoot. He was taking some headshots for a client of his. He took some test shots of me prior to the shoot. He often uses me as a guinea pig for his photography =P. As you can see…I was so sh*t faced and sick as a dog…I have enough luggage for a year’s vacation under my eyes. Bleh…

We had a hot dog while we waited for his client to arrive.
It was…not so great.
You could see the disappointment in our eyes.

The photoshoot went well. Pooh took some amazing shots and his client was very pleased. We went home to play wii and I took a little nap. We were going to meet with Jo later that night.

So nothing makes a cold go away better than O.J. and Vodka ^_~…I felt much better that night.

Strangely, I woke up this morning very refreshed and ready to get back to work!