I feel ugly :(

So Pooh and I have been drinking like crazy every night for the past 3 weeks. Ever since I had a week vacation and we went out each night, we’ve never been able to turn our party mode off. Before, I used to drink a martini or a glass of wine before bed…but now, I’ve been downing liquor each night like crazy! Despite how picky I am with food, we haven’t been eating the healthiest of food either. Late-night Mexican food like greasy cheese-filled over salted carne asada fries/chips, shrimp burritos, rolled tacos, etc. all taste like heaven when heavily intoxicated! Our friend Joanna recently moved near our home and so we’ve all been hanging out every night getting drunk. Pooh works out every day and gets sexier and sexier…I on the other hand work a lot and have been too lazy to work out. I’m starting to feel ugly. I think it’s time to get on that “new year’s resolution of working towards obtaining a better body” bandwagon and start working out again. Perhaps I’ll try my best to keep at it and post my progress (^_~)

Time to Pump IRON!
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  • Anonymous
    January 13, 2007

    dude, u and pooh can eat what ever u want..u will still and always bee hot. i wish my diet consisted of eating you both..hehe…hi from M-jhay of dlist!