Day out with Pooh

With the passing of my grandmother, I did not feel up for going to work today. Plus I felt like crap when I woke up early this morning. I called in and told my senior that I was not ready to get back to work. Everyone at my work knows what happened and he understood what I was going through. Everyone there is really really nice.

Pooh cheered me up by taking me out. We first headed to gamestop and got ourselves Warioware for the Nintendo Wii…and yes…it has arrived…World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade! Yes…I am a nerd…

Afterwards, we went to Fry’s Electronics to get some blank DVDs and some batteries…we’ve been using a lot lately for our wii controllers and Pooh’s camera (Samsung GX-1L). I used to work there so it was nice seeing some old friends.

We then headed to get some Boba at Tapioca Express. I had a Hawaiian Milk Tea w/boba!


Pooh and I were feeling a bit hungry so we went for some half off sushi at Ichiban in Hillcrest!
I wasn’t too hungry so we didn’t go all out and order a lot. Their sushi is the best! Especially at half off mondays through thursdays from 3pm-7pm!

After stuffing ourselves with some yummy sushi, we went home to play our newly bought games! Unfortunately…World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade has been installed…but it’s still downloading some patches…it’s taking forever! But we’re enjoying Warioware very much while I wait.

It was a great day with Pooh…the night is still young though… :)