Thurs & Friday Night

Thursday Night: Pooh lost his wallet the night prior and we were looking everywhere for it…luckily we ended up finding it late thursday night. A friend of ours invited us to go see his band play at a bar, but unfortunately, Pooh didn’t have his wallet at the time. After we found Pooh’s wallet, we went to Flicks with a friend of ours. They ordered 151 and coke; I had a Brandy on the rocks. I would of ordered a greygoose martini but I still have 2 full bottles at home. After we got a buzz at Flicks, we went and had a great night at Numbers! We got wasted!!!! A really nice bartender hooked us up with some awsome drinks and shots that night. Afterwards we went to some mexican restaurant. I’m really picky with my food but I guess when you’re really really drunk mexican food tastes like the best thing in the world.
Friday Night: After a long day of work, Pooh and I went to a Korean Restaurant called Tofu House. I had the Boiling BBQ and Tofu. It was really good. It was a perfect meal for such a freezing cold night. Afterwards we went to Fry’s Electronics to see if we could get HD Composite Cables for our Nintendo Wii. They had them, but unfortunately the line was GINORMOUS!!! So we left. And Now I am here typing this blog while Pooh watches TV. I gave Pooh a massage when we got home…me thinks we’ll have some sex time tonight ^_~