Pooh and I have been pretty busy the past couple of weeks! My has the time flown by! Aside from some fun summer events, Pooh and I have been drinking much more than usual after work. I’ve got so many pics to share! Since I haven’t got too much time to write about each pic in detail…I’ll just be posting some pics from our exciting adventures and adding a couple captions. Yes, this will be a pretty long post…make use of your page up and down buttons! Enjoy!

It’s summer! You know what that means…beautiful days at the beach!

And yummy Sushi!

And Del Mar Fair!

mmm fair food!

ooo speaking of fair…we were invited to attend a hawaiian fair bbq event thing…it was fun!

Pooh and I picked up a new cookbook from Borders…we’ve been cooking up a storm for dinner each night!

mmm homemade spez-ghet-ti & MEATYballz!

and yummy homemade salmon stuffed with cream cheeze n chives and a side of herb rice!

oh yea…my sister got engaged! we had a little engagement party thing…just a little one :)

I came for the free booze

these are all mine…there’s another table for the rest of the guests :)

Pooh and I also took some time to paint our living room!

er…I painted while Pooh watched…(>.<) only had one roller haha!

we still need to put up the designs…but we got our base color up :)

We got a new spotlight for our livingroom! It’s awesome! It comes with a bunch of different colors and settings :) Fun!

Our friends came over to enjoy the new look…however…everyone seems to be preoccupied with their phones…

Omg…we were horrified when we went out for a late snack…we took a seat after receiving our food…and gasped at the “B” rating posted on the window!!! How the hell do you get a “B” rating?!

Speaking of food…Pooh and I have been enjoying yummy Bagels for breakfast from City Bagels!

Hmmm…btw…it’s pride weekend in San Diego this week! Happy Happy weekend!!!

mmm sushi at Bamboo Hut!

Our Sushi Chef was frikkin cute…and he kept hooking us up with more sushi and yummies :)

mmm garlic edamame!


Last night, Pooh and I went with a friend of ours to Bamboo lounge for a bottle of one of my favorite wines, Proyecto 4!
I have no idea what the hell they’re staring at…

lol…we finished the bottle in 10 minutes…seriously… :)

Tonight, Pooh and I made our own homemade Thai Panang Curry with Chicken, Shrimp, Pineapples, and Bell Peppers! Yummy!

Phew…that was a long post!
Ok…this post was definitely random…I still have to post our fun day at the beach…but I’d like to save it for a post on its own :) I’ll try to post it soon :)