I met with my surgeon last Monday about options to fix my hernia. (If you didn’t know already, I got a hernia in July from overdoing it when I was working out). Unfortunately, the procedure will require about about a week to recover and about 2 to 3 weeks of limited mobility with no heavy lifting (over 25lbs). With my schedule and with the holiday season coming up, plus it’ll be crazy at work…I won’t be able to have my surgery until after January. He also said that I shouldn’t do any working out until after I’ve had my surgery and have fully recovered. My condition is very minor and not physically noticeable at the moment but it could get a lot worse if I do anything strenuous. I feel so insecure and “blah” about my body since I haven’t been working out much. I was working so hard to try n bulk up and was actually seeing results…but now I feel as though I’m shrinking down to where I started. You might have noticed that I haven’t been posting many “Tigguhh” pics. I know I shouldn’t be feeling so insecure but it kinda sucks. :( I like to think positive so I know I’ll get over this…I just felt like venting. *sigh*