One of my blog readers/followers sent me this and said,

“I always forget to watch your video shows.  So I made you some fan art to remind everyone.  PG version and X version!” – Dave

I’ve only had a few fan art pieces done for me before but not too often.  It does feel pretty nice to have someone do it though!   Thanks a bunch Dave!  :)

Someone made something for me and Pooh’s anniversary a long time ago but I can’t find it.  If you are reading this please resend!   Which btw, our 15 year anniversary is coming up…and so is my blog’s 10th birthday!  Perhaps this calls for some more fan art or whatever goodies you’d like to send my way lol.  Jk.

I been pretty busy lately so I haven’t been on for a “Tigguhh Tuesday” for a while.  I also have a cold right now…hopefully I’ll get on and give a little show once I feel better.  It is my blog’s birthday coming up after all.  

(The X rated version of Dave’s submission can be found by hitting MORE below.  #NSFW and only intended for viewers ages 18+)wp-1476432347315.jpg

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