Thanks for all of the “get well soon” wishes everyone.  The surgery went well.  I was a bit nervous and scared at first but after sitting in the hospital bed with an IV for an hour or so I calmed down.  I just wanted to get it all over with.  We had to get to the hospital at 5am…which meant I had to get up at around 4am.  I should have just stayed up all night and just got my sleep when they put me under lol.  Pooh wouldn’t let me. 

Whoever said “it’s not that bad” probably had their hernia repair performed laparoscopically or they had some real good drugs.  Since mine got worse, I had to make a large open incision on my pelvis instead.  Sure, “it isn’t that bad” when I’m fucked up on pain meds, but when my meds wear off it hurts like a fucking mother fucking bitch fucking shit oh my fucking Jesus Christ of the fucking bridge to fucking terabithia.  I accidentally coughed in my sleep last night and it woke me up…my wound felt like it ripped open.  FMLITF!!!! 😒😒😭😭

Anyway, on my pain meds I’m fine.  I’m like high as a kite!  Though I feel some pain when I move, the high feeling distracts me from my pain. 


Pooh got me a cute lil get well soon gift full of treats and goodies.  He took off two days from work so he can take care of me.  So sweet of him.  So glad he is here to help me do stuff like get up, eat, get into bed etc.  Right now moving around, getting up and down, and even laughing is all painful even with my meds.



Kawawa face when my meds wear off.


My boo got me tons of snacks to munch on since I’ll be home all week haha.  So hiiiigh so happyyyyy :]


I love these socks they gave me at the hospital.  There super comfy and cute!


Waking up this morning was brutal.  My pain meds wore off in my sleep.  Might have to take short naps so I can take some more before it wears off.  Yesterday felt like the longest day ever but yay I survived lol.  Today so far has been spent in bed (Pooh laid out a futon so I can be comfy in the livingroom) watching movies and playing video games.  I really want to drink but I guess I can’t do that while on meds.  Womp womp.  As far so recovery it’s only day two and it doesn’t feel any better than yesterday.  My doctor said I should have taken a week off of work to recover but I am scheduled to go back to work on Wednesday. Hopefully I get better by then.  


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    Heal well!

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