It’s been a while since Pooh and I had a weekend with our friends in San Diego. It seems like we’ve been out of town almost every weekend for the past 3 or 4 months! We’ve missed all of our buddies! We were able to spend some time on Sunday to have some drinks with our friends. We did our usual Sunday funday barhopping and had dinner at Crab Hut. Yummm! Pooh and I did our bit of gambling Monday morning and then met with up with Aaron and David for a drink…which turned into several drinks. It was all fun regardless. :) It was Karaoke night at Flicks and it was thoroughly entertaining. Me and Pooh start our second week of vacation this week…we had a week off on the first week of January and had to return to work the week following because we had much to do at work. We might go in to work Tuesday and Wednesday just to finish a few things up at work and then head to SF on Thursday. I’m so excited!

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