Since I didn’t get Pooh anything for Christmas and he has been talking about the Nexus One non-stop since it came out, I decided to get him one.  Unfortunately, both our plans for T-Mobile were uneligible for an upgrade (discounted rate w/ 2 year added on contract) so I ended up buying the unlocked phone at full price – but definitely worth it. He was extremely happy and couldn’t wait for it to ship. It included overnight shipping but since we ordered it at night, we didn’t get it until 2 days later (today actually).

He was like a little kid opening his presents on Christmas morning. I love seeing him so happy and full of excitement. We received the phone this morning at work. He came running to my office with the box in his hand and a huge smile on his face. I told him he could play with it at work but not to mess up the packaging; I wanted to take “unboxing pictures” as soon as we got home. I wish I had my camera to take pictures of him opening the box. His eyes lit up and his smile was stretching ear to ear. I love him so much!

The phone is an AWESOME phone. It’s extremely fast and runs on an impressive 1GHz Snapdragon processor. The handheld features a beautiful 3.7″ touchscreen display and 5-megapixel camera with LED flash. A FLASH!!! I really want to get one of these bad boys for myself since I’ve been complaining about the camera on my G1. The phone’s interface is much improved from my G1. The Nexus One has Android 2.1 OS offers a lot of customization and, unlike the iPhone, you can run several apps simultaneously. Yep, you can surf the web while playing music AND have your AIM running in the background. (I still wouldn’t mind a free iPhone if anyone were to offer… ;) One feature that really made me go “woah” was the awesome moving background/wallpapers. Pooh showed me one background that reacted to the music playing on his phone. This phone definitely makes my PDA, laptop, and desktop look obsolete. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick myself up one after working the corner on El Cajon for a couple minutes. Yep, minutes. :P

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7 Comments to “NEXUS ONE BY GOOGLE”

  1. wow, ganda naman niyan!

    seeing your hubby really happy with that phone was the best gift you received

  2. Dhon says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! (envy mode on!)

  3. Brett says:

    Man, you guys must be rakin in the dough! You’re always buying each other crazy expensive gifts! lol

  4. John says:

    Wow! This is one of the coolest smartphones in the market. What do you think is better Tiggah, this one or the iPhone3Gs?

    • Tiggah says:

      I prefer the Nexus One to the Iphone…but that’s just my opinion. It’s definitely a phone that can compete with it. Although the Iphone has a bazillion apps, the level of user customization offered by the Nexus One makes it more appealing to me. Besides, I don’t care much for the 100 different versions of fart noise replication apps anyway. I think my main reason of wanting the Nexus One is the camera…with flash :)

  5. PTNova says:

    Nexus has more potential in the future then Iphone.
    Coz of it’s OS and a lot of manufacturers are following up to this OS.
    where else, IPhone , humm, after 3 years and still look the same.
    well u can do the math.

    I really envy you guys, since my bf didn’t buy me this phone, I have to buy it myself but am really enjoying that phone.
    Best phone that I have ever used.

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