Snacks & Work

Everyday at work, Pooh and I usually leave the building for our last break. We often visit a Gelato & Coffee shop down the street but it was very very cold and windy out…so we just headed to a gas station near by and grabbed some snacks. I’ve recenty discovered an amazing drink by Godiva! I love it!!! It’s me being random again…but I really wanted to blog this delicious beverage :) Oh and yea, I get something sweet to much on as well…today…it was Twizzlers.

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4 Comments to “Snacks & Work”

  1. Anonymous says:

    tigguhh!!! Just passing by… Hoping I would be able to read your love story… hehe.. -ryan-

  2. Anonymous says:

    owh! what a cutie u are… =)

  3. Michael Angelo says:

    Yeah, that GOdiva drink is good. Mmmmmm good!

  4. Kevin says:

    OH MY GOD, where did you find those! We found them in Hawaii, must have them here NOW!!

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