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Update on Member’s section

Lol I love the Kingdom Hearts reference. It will definitely be up before it comes out!

So I need to get a PO Box so I can list an address and Custodian of Records in order to be compliant with the terms of the United States Code, Title 18, Section 2257. I finally went to go get one and didnt realize how expensive it is to obtain a PO Box for businesses. I’ve already put a lot of money into upgrading and migrating my site to a new web host/server and Pooh doesn’t want me spending so much on it since we have a lot of events that we have to pay for coming up and had come up recently.

To pay for this new PO Box I’ll be working my corner on Chatterbate in the next couple days/weeks. Lol. I’ll send out an update when I’ll be on. I hope you’ll join me when I do. Your support is greatly appreciated. 😁

I hope you guys understand that I’m just trying to get this all done so that my stuff doesn’t get shut down and that I don’t get hit with any fines. It does make me happy to get comments and messages that some of you are awaiting patiently and excited for this stuff to open up. I just don’t want this long wait to be hyping it up for disappointment because really, it’s not that amazing of an unveiling. Please have low expectations so that when it does open up it will be something you will enjoy and look forward to grow into something even better. If that makes sense. Lol


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