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It was Pooh’s birthday this past weekend. He doesn’t really like celebrating his birthday. He would rather just spend the time just me and him. I thought I’d surprise him with a surprise birthday on Saturday night so that we can have a fun night and celebrate with our friends, and then surprise him with a mini getaway for just the two of us for Sunday and Monday (I booked a hotel at one of his favorite places, the casino.)

It didnt go over very well. Since I was surprising, him he didn’t know about our special time I reserved for just the two of us. When Saturday night came and we surprised him with a little get together, he was a bit upset with me because I was celebrating as if it were my birthday. I’m known to be a bit of a thunder stealer among my friends during birthday events. I mean, I can’t help that I am the life of the party. He got mad at me and said I threw the party for myself and wasn’t thinking of him. My friends wanted to celebrate with him and I wanted to do something special for him; I was trying to make everyone happy. I guess it’s my bad for trying to force a party on him when he said he really didn’t want to do anything for his bday. I just feel like every year he says that and the day I don’t decide to do anything then he’d probably get butt hurt that I didnt. Lol.

Anyway, Sunday came around and I was able to cheer him up. I let him know about my second surprise and it made him happy. Thank goodness. He said he really just wanted me to do something for just the two of us.

After pounding a couple shots with some friends in the morning, we each went to visit our mothers to have mother’s day lunch, and then met up again later to go to the hotel. I booked us a room at Viejas because I knew he’d enjoy gambling and going to the new pool/jacuzzi at the new hotel section.

On Monday I took him for a birthday brunch and a spot in Del Mar that he said he wanted to check out. It was right next to the beach and had an amazing view!

Afterwards we met up with some friends to have a final hoorah since Monday was his actual birthday. So much fun!






I know I’ve been lagging on opening my Member’s section so I thought I’d put up a little teaser trailer. I’ll put out an announcement trailer when I have an official release date. :)

The flash player doesn’t seem to be working for iPhones. Try these links if it doesn’t work. Let me know which ones work for you so I know what to use next time. Thanks!

Short Teaser Trailer

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