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TUMBLR PHOTO: Rather than go out n party…

I stayed home and worked out. I’m a good boy :)



So I’ve finally finished my costume for Halloween! Pooh and I decided to start early this year. We were pretty last minute with our costumes last year but managed to put something together. I was Sagat and Poohburr was a dirty mechanic.

You can view the gallery from last year’s Halloween here.

Pooh and I were looking around for costumes and I saw a pretty lame Cupid outfit. I kind of liked the idea of Cupid so I looked online for some ideas and came up with this. :)

I thought this outfit was appropriate because of the past couple weeks partying in LA. Whenever someone would ask me if I’d like a shot I’d say, “when in Rome…” (Kind of an inside joke referencing the movie Anchor Man) and Cupid is the God of Love in Roman Mythology.

I bought the wings, spray painted the bow and arrows gold, and made the heart arrowheads. I also made a gold leaf wreath crown thing that I didn’t really take many pictures of because it wasn’t quite finished yet. I couldn’t find wide enough ribbon so I took two ribbons and sewed them together. I also had to sew a metal wire into them so they’d keep their shape. This took FOREVER, so I’m very proud of my outfit! I would of gone without the jockstrap, but I seriously could not think of how I could cover up the “goods” without them popping out every now and then.  Aside from what’s pictured, I also have heart stickers to leave my mark on cuties and vials of glitter to shower everyone with LOVE!

Hm…I just don’t know where I’m going to keep my phone and wallet…….



It’s been a while since Tigguhh’s been out to play. Looks like he’s gonna be out and about in West Hollywood this Halloween. :)

Pooh and I will be in Weho this Saturday and Sunday (and maybe Monday). We’re going to be celebrating our Anniversary on Monday since Sunday might be a bit too wild and crazy with all of the Halloween stuff going on. Be sure to say hi if you bump into me. I’ll be posting my costume soon!


DATE DAY 10/25/2010


We started date day w/ lunch at Convoy House.  They have an awesome lunch special that comes with Boiled Tofu Stew and BBQ – enough for the two of us to share. 

We’re heading north on the 5 and just playing it by ear.  Pooh wants to go shopping so we’re gonna stop by Irvine Spectrum and South Coast Plaza.  Yay!




One of my favorite things to do is just driving with my boo and going wherever the road takes us.  :)

When we first started going out I would say “just drive and we’ll have fun getting lost together”.  We’re likeThelma n Louise on the open road…without the driving over a cliff part.



Halloween is just around the corner! I absolutely LOVE Halloween! Not only is it my favorite holiday, it also happens to be me and Poohburr’s 9 year anniversary. WOW.

To get into the Halloween spirit, I invited a couple friends over to have a drunken pumpkin carving party. Alcohol, blades, pumpkins…great fun! Me, Pooh, Matt and Aaron were the only ones that showed up early enough to come to the pumpkin patch and get pumpkins…everyone else showed up late…or just in time for the alcohol (LOL). No worries though because drunken pumpkin carving was pretty messy! We had a lot of fun! Unfortunately, we carved the pumpkins pretty early (Oct 9th) so they’ve gone bad and wont last for Halloween.

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures but I’ve been a bit occupied with events such as this.

Did any of you carve any pumpkins? I’d love to see em!

(left to right) me, Pooh, Matt, and Aaron


DATE DAY 10-18-2010

Pooh and I had a late (very late) breakfast at Broken Yolk Cafe in Downtown. It was yummy! Especially since we spent all morning looking for bits and pieces for my Halloween costume. I still have a couple more things to pick up but at least I know what I’m going to be for Halloween. Pooh’s gonna be a Hawaiian boy and I’m going to be Cupid. Anyway, after having gone to a couple shops to look for stuff, we didn’t get to eat until 1pm! We couldn’t wait to stuff our faces with food!

After our 1pm breakfast, we went shopping. Since the weather is getting colder in SD, we thought we’d get ourselves some jackets. I love winter-wear! It’s so cozy and I love layering. I don’t have any pics unfortunately.

After we enjoyed our day of shopping and quality “Tigz & Pooh” time, we met up with our buddy David for drinks and dinner at Mo’s, followed by a final hoorahh at The Loft. We’ve been partying pretty hard the past couple of weeks so we thought we’d take it easy and not over do it. Surprisingly, we actually had just 1 drink at Mo’s and just 2 at The Loft. We went home early and Pooh and I enjoyed the rest of the night cuddling on the couch and watching Ghost Adventures (our new found addiction on TV).



So I’ve found myself yet again on another social networking site. This time my new addiction is Tumblr! It’s basically a PG-13 compact version of my blog. I’m actually just using it as my Twitpic/Plixi replacement for my mobile photo uploads to Twitter. :P

Those of you that follow me on Twitter know that I post A LOT on Twitter; more frequently than I post on my blog. If you’re on Tumblr, give me a follow and I’ll return the favor! :) Oh, and if you don’t already follow me on Twitter, then well…jump on that as well.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to post on this blog. Where else would I be able to post TIGGUHH pics? :)




Just picked up a 1 TB external hard drive from Frys Electronics for only $69.99.  Yay! That’s a lot of porn :)



Pooh and I went to Disneyland this last Saturday for Gay Day!  It’s not an official Disney event but it’s a weekend where “the gays” flock to Disneyland and just have fun!  Pooh and I had an amazing time.  The highlight of the evening was watching World of Color at California Adventure.  It was, as my friends were saying the whole night, “LIFE CHANGING!”.  It was a beautiful and extremely entertaining show.  I had chills and was smiling ear to ear.  I definitely recommend seeing it if you happen to be going to Disneyland’s California Adventure.  It’s a night show and I highly suggest that you get fast passes in the morning so you can get good seats!  We’re definitely getting Annual Passes since we had so much fun and all of our friends seem to have passes as well.

I haven’t been to Disneyland in years so I was excited about everything.  I managed to take lots of pics because I got my camera fixed!  (It was under warranty – yay!  Luckily, I got it shipped back on time for my trip to Disneyland.)  We managed to get in a lot of rides before we left and we picked up a couple souveniers.

While we were at Disneyland we bumped into some guys that recognized us and follow my blog.  It was very nice meeting you guys!  I wish I took pictures!

Aside from Disneyland, we also enjoyed the rest of our time in West Hollywood.  We were in town Friday night and left Monday.  It felt like we were gone for weeks.  Our friends David, Aaron, Jay, and Matt all stayed at our house and watched Gizmo.  How sweet!  :)  I bet they had their own bit of fun and partying while “daddy and daddy” were away.

I’ve uploaded pics to the Galleries section of my blog.  You can also view them by clicking the following link.



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