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Pooh and I have work today and will then head straight to West Hollywood to get our Halloween party on. I most likely won’t be able to post anything so I thought I’d wish you all a very happy and safe Halloween! Party hard, safe, and wrap it up before you ram it up :)

I definitely will be posting about our weekend on my day off on Monday. Be sure to check for updates soon! I’ll be tweeting like crazy all weekend so be sure to check those too!

I thought I’d post these old pics of some pumpkins Pooh and I made in 2005.





I just wanted to make a quick post to say happy anniversary to my boo Poohburr! I love you so much! :)



Looking back at all of the pictures I have on my laptop from all of our random adventures, I am overwhelmed by so much happiness and am amazed by how far we’ve gotten.

To my dearest Poohburr…
The very first time I said “I love you”, I meant it.
The next time I said “I love you”, I felt it just as more.
The last time I say “I love you”, will be with my last breath…and it will be eternal.

I love you Pooh :)





I am so excited! I can’t believe it will be 8 years since Pooh and I have been together. Time has really been flying by! I look forward to sharing the rest of my life with him.



So I think I know what I’m going to be this year for Halloween. I’m just not sure if I can pull it off. Halloween is my favorite holiday but for some strange reason I haven’t dressed up for it since I was a little kid. I think I’m going to be a kick boxer but me thinks it will be awfully cold to be wearing what I’m planning on wearing :P Ahh yes, it will be a gay halloween this year! We’ll see how it goes. Haha!



I just wanted to take a minute to apologize for not posting as often as I used to. Pooh and I have been pretty busy lately with work, teaching, and other side jobs that have just been keeping us occupied. I haven’t even had time to work out our anniversary stuff :(

Halloween (which happens to be our 8 year anniversary) is just around the corner and we haven’t even had much time to figure out what we’re going to be doing. Plan 1 is to celebrate in West Hollywood. Plan 2 is to party in San Diego. We’re probably going to just play it by ear.

I also wanted to post about this past weekend because we went to Knotts Scary Farm. I have so many pics I want to share! I’ll try to post them soon.

Anyway, time to go now. Pooh wants to have sake bombs and play DJ Hero. LOVE YOU GUYS! I miss blogging :T




I thought I’d start a collection of “fake” profiles since I’ve been receiving messages and links from many of my readers. Strangely, there are quite a few impersonators out there that are using my pics as their own and pretending to be me. In a way, I find it quite flattering that they’d use my pics when there are way hotter guys out there for them to impersonate. BTW, justoneazn or whatever his name is, is not me and it’s not Pooh. ;)

Sometimes I wonder if I should just try and break into the porn industry and build myself a name so that people would recognize me and know that it must be a fake profile. When I look online and see a profile picture of Brett Everett, Brent Corrigan, or some other big name pornstar I already know that it’s a fake. I mean, my nekkedness is all out there in the web anyway, it might as well be me capitalizing on it. :) I am getting older…maybe I should while I’m young haha.

Anyway, I thought I’d send this guy a message and see if he responds.


If you run into any other fake profiles of yours truly, please send me an email or leave a comment. I’d love to add them as a friend!


Great Class :)

I had a really great time teaching my class tonight. I was very excited to teach the piece that I made and was very happy to see my friends make it to my class. I was also very happy to see my regular students improving more and more every week. It’s just an awesome feeling to see them enjoy learning what I have to teach and to see them growing from it. Anyway, I just wanted to post about it because I feel great! I’ll be posting the vid from tonight’s class to my youtube soon!



Pooh and I were driving around on Sunday morning and couldn’t decide where to go and what to do to enjoy our day.  The conversation pretty much went as follows:

Tiggah:  “What you wanna do?
Poohburr: “I dunno, what do you wanna do?”
Tiggah: “Hm…ahh fuck it let’s go to LA”

So we just kept driving north on the 5 and headed to LA! We haven’t had a random “Pooh and Tigz” adventure in a long time and so it was nice to do something spontaneous and exciting.

We texted our bud to let him know that we were on our way to LA and wanted to see if he wanted to hang out while we were there. Not only did he want to hang out, he also offered to let us crash at his place if we got too drunk to drive back home. It was going to be a very fun night out in the town! Whenever we get together with our bud Flo we always have an incredible time. Since we were staying for 2 days we figured it was a good excuse to do some shopping at H&M.

While we were waiting for Flo to get out of work, we had dinner at Furaibo. I have been craving Furaibo Teba Saki Chicken Wings for a long time now and could not wait to get that meat in my mouth! :) Yes, I know…but it really is THAT good!

Pooh and I also headed to West Hollywood to grab a couple drinks at a couple bars. We found ourselves at Fiesta Cantina…again, but this time in LA. When Flo finally got out of work we met him at his new place in Korea Town. It was very cute and charming! We then headed to a bar called Big Wangs to party with some of his co-workers. We had a blast! After staying till closing, Flo took us to an awesome restaurant called Kitchen 24. OMG, DELICIOUS! It was amazingly delicious!

Pooh had the Bartender’s Banquet…

and Flo ordered the After School Special.

I had the Hash Brown Salmon Florentine. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good picture of my food but it was AMAZING!

After stuffing our faces, it was finally time to head to Flo’s and pass out. Day 2 of our spontaneous trip to LA consisted of irresponsible spending, impulse purchases, and over indulgence. :) While we were heading to Big Wangs the night before, I saw a very adorable window display at Urban Outfitters so I wanted to check it out when it was open. The whole interior was decorated in the “Where The Wild Things Are” theme. It was really cute! I didn’t get that many pictures though because I was distracted by the awesome clothes on sale!

Anyway, as I mentioned, there was a 30% off sale on all outerwear. All 3 of us picked up fabulous jackets. LOL. It was gloomy and cold out so it was a sign; well that’s what I’m telling myself.

After our moment of weakness, we went to Little Tokyo to indulge in some Japanese goodness. It was a lot of food!

While we were in Little Tokyo we did some window shopping…it was pretty hard to fight the urge since there were so many cute shops with things I don’t need but want to buy. We fought through it though and later headed to Fiesta Cantina to get some drinks!

After drinks, we headed to Beverly Center. By this time Pooh and Flo were…tired.

So we called it a night, took Flo home, and headed back to San Diego. It was an incredibly fun packed weekend and I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks so much Flo for the awesome time! Ta Ta for now LA. We’ll see you real soon!

Click below to view full gallery of our LA Weekend trip.




So I’m semi-bald again.  :)  I was cutting my hair and accidentally messed up so I chopped it all off.  Ah well, my hair grows fast anyway.


Gizmo seems to like it :)


Anyway, Pooh and I grabbed some Dim Sum for brunch.  It was DELICIOUS!  I’ll never get sick of Shrimp Ha Gaw, Shrimp Sui Mai, and Lotus Buns.  We usually order the same things every time we go – mostly all the shrimp dishes.  :)  I actually tried the chicken feet dish.  It was interesting, but just wasn’t my thing.

After brunch we grabbed some coffee and took Gizmo out for a walk in Balboa Park.  The weather was kind of nice.  I just didn’t like that the sun was blazing hot but the air was cold and windy.  We felt pretty lazy so we decided to just spend the day cleaning the house and just relaxing at home.  It is so nice and refreshing to relax at home when it’s actually clean!  Even though we just stayed in I feel like we were very productive.  The laundry was done, closet reorganized, bedroom nice and tidy, livingroom cleaned, bathroom spotless, dishes done, kitchen done…phew.  We even made dinner at home!  How surprising!


The rest of the night we’ll be watching movies, munching on junk food, and occassionally peeking at our laptops because we have this strange addiction to social networks.  :)


8 Years :)


So this year flew by pretty quickly. For those of you that are new to my blog…Pooh and I have been together for 7 years now and will be celebrating our 8 year anniversary on HALLOWEEN (October 31st) – which happens to be my favorite holiday! We still aren’t sure what exactly we’ll be doing to celebrate but I’m very excited. We were thinking of going to West Hollywood to experience Halloween for the first time in We-Ho and actually dress up this year. Surprisingly, it’s been my favorite holiday forever and I’ve never dressed up for it (well, aside from when I was a little boy.) Hmm, costume ideas anyone? Please post a comment with costume ideas and feel free to share what you’ll be dressing up as.

Oh, and you’ll be happy to know that I’ve been working on the 2nd part of “Our Story” which I hope to release by the 31st. If you haven’t had the chance to read Part 1 of “Our Story”, you can read it HERE.


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