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Day at the Park!

Hmm, as you can see, I’m having a bit of difficulty with Picasa and my Flock browser in embedding my images the way I want them. Anyway, I haven’t been posting much and so I’d like to get this one up despite it being unaligned with my blog’s borders.

Pooh and I spent our Sunday at Balboa Park with our pup Gizmo. It was Gizmo’s first time playing in the grass and he loved it! He still has a couple more shots to go before he’s fully vaccinated so we didn’t want to take him to the dog park in Balboa. He still got to enjoy himself and roll around in the grass with Pooh and I. He was even more excited when our friend Manny met up with us with his two Yorkshire Terriers. It was an awesome doggy play day for the pups.

Manny has an adorable 6 month old Female Yorkshire Terrier named Madison…

and a unbelievably cute lil’ 4 month old Male Yorkshire Terrier named Maddix.

Gizmo had a great time and eventually tired himself out. We managed to get a lot of adorable pics though!

Pooh and I have been going pretty trigger happy with our camera but we want to capture every moment of Gizmo’s puppy days! If you’d like to view all of Gizmo’s puppy pics (will be updated constantly), you can check them out below.



Merry Christmas!

DSC_0052.jpg by you.

It’s been a great year! Happy Holidays everyone!

I hope 2009 is just as exciting…I actually know it will be for sure!

Pooh and I want to wish everyone a merry xmas and a happy new year. Some great news, we’re getting a puppy! I’m so excited!



I called out sick today.  I woke up with my nose all stuffed up, sinus congestion, and a horrible throat ache.  =(  It's that time of year.  Make sure you all drink your vitamins.  I stocked up on E-mergencies. 


Dim Sum Day

Pooh and I haven’t had Dim Sum in a while so we decided to stuff our faces at Jasmine’s on Convoy. Shrimp Ha Gaw and Lotus Buns are my favorite!

Performance at House of Blues

I found a video of our show at House of Blues on Halloween. You can’t see much because of the lighting. I’m the bald guy in the front during the middle part of the first routine and during thriller…unfortunately you can’t really see Pooh in this vid. I’ll post other versions as soon as my friends upload them. The youtube account this video is on is not mine so if you would like to comment, please comment on my blog. :) Thanks!

Embedded Video


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