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Just thought I’d post my recent dance routine from my Thursday class. :) I had a lot of fun with this routine and it was great that some students that I taught yeaaaars ago came to take my class. After class we all went to True North to have some drinks, do some catching up, and reminisce about good ‘ol times.



I thought I’d have fun and teach to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance for my Thursday class. We ran out of time so I will be teaching the rest of it this Thursday. I usually teach a new routine each week and these pieces never get performed anywhere so it’s nice posting it on youtube so I can share it with friends. :) I’ll post the full version soon!


Yay Dancing!

So I’ve started teaching my dance classes and things are going great. It’s nice and refreshing to be able to be creative after having to do my day job from 9-7pm. Here’s a clip from one of the classes I taught :) Enjoy!


Vacation Recap Pt 1.

Some of you may be wondering why we chose San Francisco as our vacation destination. The main reason was because we were invited to teach Culture Shock Oakland a routine for their set. Since we had vacation days, we figured it’d be a great opportunity to teach a class and enjoy San Francisco while were there. They had offered to provide plane tickets…but I haven’t flown before and therefore have somewhat of an anxiety (I don’t want to call it “fear”) towards taking an airplane. So they got us a nice rental and enough for gas :) Since we got a rental, we figured it’d be a great roadtrip and so we invited 2 of our friends to join us. And what better two people than our good buddies Tribal and Jeremy!

Lol…no, they’re not a couple.

Anyway, for this post I thought I’d share video of our choreography. We only had to teach them thursday night for 2 hours, so we still had the whole week to vacation, have fun, and relax!

This first piece was choreographed by both Pooh and I. Here’s one of just me running it with the group. Can you see me? I’m in the one in the front wearing the black jacket.

Here’s one of just Pooh and I running the piece.

Here’s one of both Pooh and I running the piece with the group.

This next piece was choreographed by me. It’s funny because I made the whole routine in my head during our drive up to San Francisco from San Diego. We were pretty worried because I’ve never actually physically danced the routine or seen it with mirrors until we got to the studio and taught them.

Here’s me running part of the piece with them.

And Pooh and I running part of the piece with them as well.

I had other footage but they didn’t turn out quite as well – bad angles and people blocking the mirrors etc. Anyway, that’s a little snippet of what we did in San Francisco. There’s more to come!

If you’re really impatient. You can check out my all of the pics from our vacation in my Flickr Collection here. There’s a whole lot of pics!


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