I’ve been meaning to post this for quite some time, but just haven’t had much time to sit down with my laptop.

Last week was San Diego Pride weekend. Pooh and I didn’t really do much, but we were able to meet up with some friends from out of town and hang out.

We went to the “System of a Downe’s” Bonfire in La Jolla. Pooh and I are good friends with some of the people that hold the event every year so we usually go to say hi :)

At the bonfire, we were able to meet up with friends from out of town and also made some new friends! …some pretty HOT friends…:)

We were all given name tags so we could meet people…

joanna was pretty creative…

ours only made sense when we were together…

oh and yes…we were drunk :)
::insert flashback sequence here::

::haha back to the bonfire::
there weren’t just hot guys there…there were also lots of hot girls there too!
but back to the hot guys…

Pooh and I finally got to meet some friends we made online but never met in person!

Afterwards…we crashed at our friend’s house.
Pooh passed out right away…
…the rest of us built forts out of the sofas and cushions!

it was a long and tiring drive home the next morning =T