So I’ve finally finished my costume for Halloween! Pooh and I decided to start early this year. We were pretty last minute with our costumes last year but managed to put something together. I was Sagat and Poohburr was a dirty mechanic.

You can view the gallery from last year’s Halloween here.

Pooh and I were looking around for costumes and I saw a pretty lame Cupid outfit. I kind of liked the idea of Cupid so I looked online for some ideas and came up with this. :)

I thought this outfit was appropriate because of the past couple weeks partying in LA. Whenever someone would ask me if I’d like a shot I’d say, “when in Rome…” (Kind of an inside joke referencing the movie Anchor Man) and Cupid is the God of Love in Roman Mythology.

I bought the wings, spray painted the bow and arrows gold, and made the heart arrowheads. I also made a gold leaf wreath crown thing that I didn’t really take many pictures of because it wasn’t quite finished yet. I couldn’t find wide enough ribbon so I took two ribbons and sewed them together. I also had to sew a metal wire into them so they’d keep their shape. This took FOREVER, so I’m very proud of my outfit! I would of gone without the jockstrap, but I seriously could not think of how I could cover up the “goods” without them popping out every now and then.  Aside from what’s pictured, I also have heart stickers to leave my mark on cuties and vials of glitter to shower everyone with LOVE!

Hm…I just don’t know where I’m going to keep my phone and wallet…….