Monthly Archives: June 2017


Started working out again after a 3 month hiatus lol.  So I’m either yelling ” FUCK YEAAAAAH!!!” or “OOOOOWwies”…(most likely the latter 😭)


It’s been a year!

My Timehip app reminded me it’s been about a year since my surgery.   I was pretty self conscious and kind of stopped being the exhibitionist that I used to be because I had a hernia on my pelvis/groin area.  A hernia is a break, like a hole, in your abdominal wall and your insides push through…gross. Lol.  (You can’t quite see in the photo, but there were very few stitches and they used a liquid bandage spray to hold it together…ew.)  I thought that if I had the surgery I’d be back to my camera whore self (Tigguhh) but I guess my insecurities will always get the best of me.  I still have a pretty gnarly scar that I don’t think will ever go away but I don’t mind it much.   



Our couch finally arrived!  We bought a new couch at West Elm a few weeks ago…only one of the 3 pieces was available and the other 2 pieces had to ship separately.  It ONLY took 4 weeks…😑.