I just uploaded the pics Tigguhh took last night. Technically this is week 5 or so but since I stopped working out for a week when I had a cold, I figure it’s best to start over. I was going to just take some pics to show my progress but Tigguhh ended up coming out to play a bit. I thought I’d go Old School and bust out the webcam. Haven’t used it in such a long time since I never have much alone time.

(The following is intended for viewers ages 18 and older. If you are not of this age please do not hit the following link. Also, if you know me personally, I’d recommend you avert your eyes. It…would just be best…trust me. :P )

SEE!!!! I told you! You didn’t listen to me did you? Now you’re staring right at it! LOL. Let’s just say you never clicked on the link and you never saw anything.

If you notice at the end of the set, I brought a toy out to play with. I mentioned before that on Valentines day, while people were out having fancy dinners and doing romantic couple things, Pooh and I were at home having the most intense fucking sex – for several hours. Pooh and I got ourselves a little somethin’ to make the night a bit more exciting. :) Perhaps I’ll do a product post since I seem to have grown quite a collection. Anyway, in case you were wondering, that’s what that thing wrapped around my cock is. I also wasn’t sure if I was comfortable posting my self sucking (autofellatio) pics but I figure…fuck it…I have hundreds of pics with my cock out there anyway.

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  1. revolva says:


  2. Justin says:

    Oh my…

  3. Mike says:

    very hot, ever post a X vid of yourself?

  4. Mike says:

    and thanks for sharing your nudity I admire you

  5. miko says:

    dayum!! hot hot!!!

  6. erick frago says:

    im such a fan, kabayan!


  7. Anonymous says:

    U r very flexible :)

  8. Nims says:

    as usual it’s HOT Tiggah, Kudos to you. LOVE THE Selfsucking pic. =)

  9. Geisha says:

    ohhhh la la! :)

  10. Pinoybuddy says:

    Sakit ka sa ulo.:-)

  11. josh says:

    omg self suck. amazing!!

  12. john says:

    im a fan of yours, eversince. . .but now ndi na. . .kakaturn-off ung last 3 pics! gudluck! =)

    • Tiggah says:

      It was nice having you as a fan while it lasted, it’s shame that people can like my blog and then see 3 unflattering pictures and decide never to read my blog again. Oh well, can’t please em all :)

      On a separate note, I am hoping people love my blog for it’s content and not just for the pics. If I wanted it to be all about the pics I could just make a porn blog. Thanks for everyone else that enjoys my blog :)

  13. Mulch says:

    I’m enjoying your blog from Afghanistan :-) Shockingly, it’s not blocked (yet?)…

  14. DS12 says:

    Hot shit Tiggah. I never knew you could self suck. You must be incredibly flexible and well endowed. 8 inches?

  15. xtian says:

    still got my back dude….still adore you…nice work! mbuhay ang pinoy!

  16. Edeen says:

    I worship you Tiggah. Gorgeous

  17. ryanskjord says:

    I adore you Tiggah ur my hero! Im a fan for years now lol!

  18. Anonymous says:

    last 3 pics are the best lol

  19. grantos says:

    great pics

  20. Wilberchie says:

    hail! love the show!

  21. aiemans says:

    just found your blog today and its really fascinate me! all your pic and the story of u n pooh is so adorable.. Really enjoy ur pics also… thanks Tigguh!!

  22. chai says:

    love it…

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