Some things that I love about the holidays are:

The holiday flavors and red cups at Starbucks
The depressing holiday music played in stores
Being able to bundle up in layers and wear scarves
Seeing all the pretty Christmas lights
adorable snowmen
pictures of sexy half naked guys wearing Santa hats
holiday episodes of my favorite shows on tv
Charlie Brown Christmas
Home Alone playing on almost every channel
playing “Secret Santa” at work

What are your favorite things about the holidays?

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7 Comments to “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!”

  1. j3d says:

    you love the depressing music? hahaha…weird… but i think i understand…i love charlie brown christmas, too…i’ve seen it a bunch of times… :)

  2. Marcus Y. says:

    Watching the movie A Christmas Story
    Shopping of course!
    Christmas party at work
    Decorating for the holiday
    The weather (Washington, DC)

  3. London James says:

    In London – the lights going up over Regents Street, wishing for snow that never comes, the crush of Christmas shoppers on Christmas Eve, and then the quiet of the city as everyone clears out for Christmas day. The little matchgirl selling her matches in the doorway as a boy goes past with a large turkey on a sled – oh hang on – that last one was from a film

  4. Mikhail Dizon says:

    shopping. :)
    Starbucks Cheer Up Parties. :)
    me and my bf having a warm a christmas. lol
    the gift givings. :)
    Christmas Parties.
    People getting nicer. ^_^

  5. robert says:

    hey, tiggs, are you the one in Facebook??? i added you up, but i dont think its you…anyways, just want to confirm that theres julius tiggah there…

  6. brian says:

    spending my holidays in the philippines, it’s really different how we celebrate the holidays back in manila.. i miss the foods (puto bumbong haha!), family reunions, crazy xmas parties, shopping, the lights and lanterns, my godchildrens asking for their gifts (i was hiding from them before actually, aww. i miss them :C) of course noche buena and attending novena masses(misa de gallo), everyone being so nice and happy despite of the problems and natural disasters that came.. i just love the filipino christmas. how i wish i can spend it back home. :C

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