Monthly Archives: March 2009


Pooh and I went out with some friends to celebrate our friend’s bday on Sunday! We had some, more like a whole lot, of shots before we headed to Rich’s. She brought over a huge bottle of tequila! We also finished a bottle of vodka. I also faintly remember ordering more drinks and shots at the club. It was all a blur. :)



Gizmo went to the vet on Monday to get Neutered. Poor Gizmo! He looks so sad and adorable with that cone on his head. Since he’s so small he’s been having trouble walking around. The cone would constantly hit the carpet as he would try and walk around. He moves so slowly and drunkenly since the cone obscures his vision and seems so heavy. Gahhh it’s just so adorable!!!



Pooh and I had dinner at Gulf Coast Grill last night. The company that we work for has our lunch orders taken from Gulf Coast Grill every now and then, but we’ve never actually eaten at the restaurant and have never tried any of their dinner entrees. We were very pleased with the excellent service our waiter provided and the food was fantastic! Pooh had the Beans and Rice with grilled chicken. I had the Cajun Combo, which featured a trio of their Sea Food Gumbo, Jumbalaya, and Hushpuppies. It was incredible! The portions were large so we had much left over to take home.

(I was not able to take a good picture with my G1 since the lighting was pretty dim…but here’s an image of the Cajun Combo taken from Flickr.)



In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve added another set to my Gallery section.  It’s just some old archives of TIGGUHH.  Be sure to check the Gallery section often to see what’s new that I haven’t posted!




So my birthday is coming up next month. April 20th. I’ll be turning 26.


I don’t quite know how I feel about it. I guess I’ve just been in kind of a gloomy place these past couple of months. Work has been stressful. The days have been feeling monotonous. I’ve been having low self-esteem, high anxiety, and physical insecurities.  We all go through these low times in our lives and eventually get past it.  I know I’ll get over it.  I guess it’s just been bothering me since I’m going to be a year older.

On the brighter side, Pooh and I are thinking of visiting San Francisco to celebrate both of our birthdays.  Pooh’s birthday is in May.  I still don’t know what I’m going to get him for his birthday.  He’s always very hard to shop for.  Especially since whenever he actually does show some interest in wanting something, it’s usually an expensive electronic of some sort.  I think I know what I want for my birthday.  I really want to get an acoustic guitar.  I’d love a black one since it’s my favorite color (shade, hue, whatever.)  Perhaps when I start posting videos to my blog I’ll have my guitar and play you guys a song!



Tigguhh is still being a bit timid.  I need to work out more :P





Pooh and I were doing some spring cleaning this weekend and look what I found! 

For those of you that happened to be in San Francisco during pride, there was a booth for the Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center.  They were selling calendars titled “Asian Men Redefined” benefiting the API and the amazing work that they do.  Pooh was the March model in the 2009 calendar.  Although March is almost over, he’s still my man of every month!



Pooh and I enjoyed a late night snack tonight.  I haven’t had one of these in a while…but damn was it good!  Mmmmm.



I’ve just uploaded another photo set of Tigguhh to my Gallery. Since all of my images from Flickr have all been deleted, I’ll be adding all of my “old shit” to the gallery section of my blog. I haven’t taken any “tigguhh” shots lately. I guess with working so much and being busy with other things, I the exhibitionist inside me kind of feels…unsexy.

Anyway, for those of you that have noticed that my blog loads slowly, I’ve contacted my web host and I guess they’ve been having some issues with their server. Hopefully, we won’t have a problem with loading time after they’ve rectified the situation. I was pretty worried because my blog wouldn’t load at all today, but I was somewhat relieved that it was just a problem with their server and not just my blog.

I’ve also noticed that my blog doesn’t display properly on Internet Explorer.  My sidebar seems to be stuck in the lower right hand section of my blog.  I normally use Flock so I haven’t noticed it until a friend had mentioned it.  For now, my blog is best viewed with anything other than IE…I dont really like it that much anyway.