San Diego is definitely where you want to be during the summer! Days are simply gorgeous!

Pooh and I decided start the day with breakfast at The Mission in Northpark.

I had French Toast with a side of eggs

Pooh had Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes

Afterwards, we stopped by Starbucks to get ourselves something refreshing to cool off.


Pooh and I wanted to enjoy the beautiful day…and what better way than to enjoy it at the beach! Pooh and I don’t go to the beach much. I’m honestly not too fond of the sun (::hisses at the harsh sun:: er…I’m more of a night kinda guy) and I’m not really into the beach…I mean, I love the beach, I think it’s beautiful…but I don’t like getting in the water and having sand stuck all over my feet…it’s just too messy =X I’m obsessive compulsive and really don’t like getting dirty. I’m also pretty insecure when it comes to goin to the beach and being shirtless in public. I feel very…bleh. Anyway, with a bit of persuasion, Pooh and I decided to go to the beach. (Pooh on the other hand, LOVES water and the beach…he’s like a lil kid when it comes to playing in the sand and in the water!)

We just had one problem…we haven’t gone to the beach in years…and neither of us had beach-wear! We ended up having to buy shorts, sandals, sunblock, and towels.

Afterwards, we got ready…

And headed to Coronado Beach!

But oh no!….::gasps::

When we got to the beach…it was all clouds and no sun! Boo!!!!

We were going to head home…but we decided to try goin to another beach and see if it’d be sunny there. So we headed to Mission Beach to see if it’d have sunny skies.

…the sun was shinin!

There were still a couple clouds…but it was still pretty sunny and it felt great!

It was a great day at the beach! Oh, and I snuck in a picture of that hot surfer guy :)

Pooh was pooped! It was a pretty long day :)
It felt really nice to just lay down at the beach and just enjoy the sun. We’re thinking about going to the beach again next week. It’s just so much work…bleh…sand all over the place!