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Looks like we’ve successfully migrated my site to it’s new home on a new server…an “adult content friendly” server. 😁😈😘

You shouldn’t notice anything different with the site but please let me know if you run into any errors.

MEMBER’S section is still down until I can start accepting credit cards with a merchant account with my new hosting service.

Thank you for your patience and interest in my website. It’s been over 11 years since I created my blog, originally on blogspot, and I’m excited to see that I’m finally getting this thing on the move. I know I’ve put this off for so long but Pooh told me just the other day, we’re not getting any younger. If I’m going to do this we might as well do it now lol.

Now onto phase 2, the part where I got stuck a few months ago, the merchant account!



My site will be unavailable during migration to my new web host / server. If you see an error page please check back again later. I’ll post to my tumblr when everything is done. Yay!




If you follow my social media you’d probably already know by now. Pooh and I are spending a week in Hawaii for a much needed vacation! We arrived yesterday (Tuesday) and so far it’s been amazing! It’s nice to just sit back and relax…though, we’ve been doing a lot of walking. Lots and lots of walking. Hopefully, we’ll be doing more nothing and as much nothing as we can. Pooh wanted to go on a hike today, which is totally against my idea of a vacation, but I did it for him. Yay. (-_-) Also, an update on my blog…there might be a bit of downtime in the next few days. I’ve paid my new web host to do the transfer to a new server for me. I’ve been having trouble doing it myself so they’re just going to do it for me. I am unsure how long the process will take but maybe 72 hours? If you notice the blog is down, then that is why. Since they will be working on my blog I don’t think I can make new posts until they’re done. I’ll be posting all our fun vacation pics afterwards! In the meanwhile, here’s a few pictures of our trip so far!


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