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Throwback Thursday




Some old pics of Tigguhh :]  Those of you that haven’t followed my blog long, be sure to check out my older archives in the galleries section of my blog. :)  I notice Tigguhh used to take more pics back then…I guess I should start taking more.

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As many of you know already, my Flickr account was deleted because my “naughty images” had my blog’s watermark on them. For some of you it might be the first time seeing some of these, but for some, they’re probably old news :)

I added a new gallery where I’ll dump all the old images I find in my backup cds and on my comp (VINTAGE TIGGUHH). I can’t go too far back but I managed to find pics from when I was 18 and up. My alter ego Tigguhh was quite the exhibitionist when I was younger, even before I started dating Pooh. I spent a lot of time behind my webcam. Gay asian boy + camera + home alone + bored + horny = lots of naked asian boy pictures. I am not sure if I mentioned it before but I guess it’s kind of a strange fetish of mine that I got off knowing someone was watching me. It’s not about conceit and narcissism, but kind of a feeling of acceptance and a sense that someone actually finds me desireable. I think we all have insecurities and sometimes it’s nice to feel wanted and attractive. It’s kind of hard to explain. Perhaps I’ll devote an entire post to it at a later time, but don’t confuse exhibitionism with being a whore :P. It’s one thing to like showing off and take pictures n stuff but it’s a different thing to just “hook up” – which isn’t me.

As strange as it sounds, when I was a little boy in elementary school, when everyone wanted to be firefighters and astronauts, I wanted to be a successful suit and tie businessman by day and a stripper by night. If I had known what porn was back then I’d probably have wanted to be a porn star instead of a stripper. I guess I’ve always had that alter-ego/double life fascination even as a young boy. Of course, I never done a “when I grow up I want to be a businessman by day and a sexy stripper by night!” report when I was in the 3rd grade, but I am pretty sure I’ve thought about it several times.


Anyway, this post is getting really random. If you’d like to view the VINTAGE TIGGUHH gallery, please only continue if you are 18 years of age or older and live in a state where you are legally able to view gay adult content. Also, please don’t continue if you know me personally…and you know who you are! :)



I’ve just uploaded another photo set of Tigguhh to my Gallery. Since all of my images from Flickr have all been deleted, I’ll be adding all of my “old shit” to the gallery section of my blog. I haven’t taken any “tigguhh” shots lately. I guess with working so much and being busy with other things, I the exhibitionist inside me kind of feels…unsexy.

Anyway, for those of you that have noticed that my blog loads slowly, I’ve contacted my web host and I guess they’ve been having some issues with their server. Hopefully, we won’t have a problem with loading time after they’ve rectified the situation. I was pretty worried because my blog wouldn’t load at all today, but I was somewhat relieved that it was just a problem with their server and not just my blog.

I’ve also noticed that my blog doesn’t display properly on Internet Explorer.  My sidebar seems to be stuck in the lower right hand section of my blog.  I normally use Flock so I haven’t noticed it until a friend had mentioned it.  For now, my blog is best viewed with anything other than IE…I dont really like it that much anyway.


Where’s Tigguhh???

Some of you have been asking me “where’s tigguhh?!” Well, I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been having some insecurity issues lately. I can’t help but feel…ugly. I guess right now Tigguhh hasn’t really been in the mood to play.

I’ve always had a problem with high anxiety and lately it’s been acting up pretty bad. Work has it’s ups and downs but right now it seems to be way down there…and then some. After the holidays business has been extremely slow. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I should advertise my day job on my blog so I can generate some business…but I’m sure that might just lead to some trouble. I guess all I can do is keep working hard and think positive.

Anyway, on the bright side, Pooh has been helping me work out! So maybe Tigguhh might make an appearance sometime soon! Until then, I guess I’ll post a random Tigguhh archive image :)

I believe I posted these in a prvious post, but they were censored.

The following is intended for viewers ages 18+. If you are not of age please do not continue onto the rest of the post.


Little Tigguhh!

I found my backup files from my old laptop and found a HUGE collection of pics from when I was younger. I was quite the little exhibitionist back then!

Here’s an image from when I was in Highschool. Geez! That TV’s ancient! And OMG…a VCR!

I must of been around 18? I don’t know. Anyway, I guess now I have some more content to blog since I haven’t had much time to take any new pics. (Which by the way I have some exciting news that I’ll reveal soon! It is partly why I haven’t had much time to blog and why Tigguhh hasn’t made an appearance in a while. It’s good news so don’t worry!)

Here’s a couple of me back then. I forget how old I was. I was a little thug back then I guess…or at least I was trying to be. haha.

I think my alter ego back then was much more uninhibited than it is now, but I think I’ll save “those” images for another time. I hope you enjoyed this random trip back in time!


Random Tiggah Tidbit

I was thinking about my blog today, and I noticed that my blog isn’t as random as I’d like it to be. I know a lot of you have been curious to know more about me and so I’ve created a series called “Random Tiggah Tidbit” – each week I’ll share a random fact about myself, and I’ll try to make it something that people normally wouldn’t know.

This week’s Random Tiggah Tidbit is:

I’m Ambidextrous!

When I was little I was left-handed. My parents, being superstitious old-fashioned filipino, would force me to switch my writing utensil or whatever it was I was doing from my left hand to my right. I honestly don’t remember why…but if you happen to know, please comment and enlighten me. :) Strangely, I am able to do things equally well with both hands, although, I do have a preference with certain things just because I’ve grown accustom to it; ie I normally throw with my right, bat/golf with my left, kick with my right, bowl with my left, write with both, jack off with both (lol), I use chopsticks and eat with my left, I can’t think of anything else…I don’t know, I’m random. Anyway, that’s my random tidbit of the week! I’ll also follow each random tidbit with a random image(s) :)

(Image Source: archive image – found in my Private Collection)


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