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Jay Brannan just came out with a new video for his song “Cant Have it All”, which happens to be one of my favorites from his album. He looks so cute in this video. I love guys in suits so it was very nice to see him wearing one in the beginning of this video. I am very happy to see that having only being posted for 2 days, this video was listed as a most viewed video. Let’s all help Jay get even more hits by sharing this video with everyone you know :) Pooh and I heart you Jay Brannan!


Jay Brannan at House of Blues Pt. 2

Pooh and I saw Jay Brannan at the House of Blues tonight. It was amazing!

His voice is incredibly beautiful and sexy. He was also very charming and funny.

The performance was held in a very romantic and intimate setting. It was nice to have Pooh holding me close while he sang his songs. For some reason it reminded me of India Arie’s music video for “Ready For Love”. Jay had everyone’s undivided attention. You can tell that his voice had us all mesmerized and smiling ear to ear. We both had great seats…no one was blocking our view. We had a couple drinks. I started off with a Bud Light and Pooh had a vodka tonic. Afterwards, I ordered a Greygoose Martini (clean with one olive) and Pooh got another vodka tonic.

I loved everything he sang! We wanted to take a picture with him but there were too many guys that were trying to talk to him. I hope Pooh and I can get a picture with him the next time we see him perform. He’ll be performing in San Francisco next. I definitely recommend seeing him perform if you’re in the Bay.


Jay Brannan at House of Blues

Jay Brannan will be at the House of Blues this Monday the 17th. I’m so excited! Pooh and I are going to try and make it. If you’re in San Diego you definitely should check it out!

(hmmm…for some reason I thought it was Br”e”nnan all this time…lol. My mistake :)


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