I already preordered mine….did you preorder yours?!

I’m so happy they brought Phoenix into the lineup. AHHH JUST 1 MORE WEEK!

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4 Comments to “MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3!”

  1. She’s one of the most powerful being in the X-Men and Marvel Universe! I would love to play her character :)

  2. Demnyx says:

    Haha I can’t wait to play you in this, Tigg!

    See you on PSN!

  3. anon says:

    Did you get your free action figure with the game?

  4. alex says:

    Phoenix is my all time fave marvel character, but i was actually a bit disappointed that they included her in this game. Why? Jean Grey is already an Omega level mutant (even without the phoenix force). With the phoenix force though (more-so as dark phoenix) she’s unstoppable! but in this game, she’s just shooting fireballs! Oh well, i still bought it though hehe!

    but enough about the nerd rage!

    You’re such a beautiful and inspirational man!

    ps. i was in Mira Mesa San Diego for 6 months (pinoy originally from Toronto, and now in Victoria British Columbia) to visit my mom and just got back last month!

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