I thought I’d have fun and teach to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance for my Thursday class. We ran out of time so I will be teaching the rest of it this Thursday. I usually teach a new routine each week and these pieces never get performed anywhere so it’s nice posting it on youtube so I can share it with friends. :) I’ll post the full version soon!

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5 Comments to “GOING GAGA!”

  1. nman says:

    i really enjoy watching you dance..hope that i can join the class..already watch a lot of your dance lesson..hehe

  2. j3d says:

    love it! can’t wait for the full version…

  3. wow. :) really nice.. showed my friends this video and they were equally impressed. :)

  4. Angelo says:

    Hey, thanks for uploading this clip. Really nice. Looking forward to seeing the full version.

  5. Leslie says:

    It would be intereseting to seee what you could do with christina’s “dirrty”

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