Jay Brannan just came out with a new video for his song “Cant Have it All”, which happens to be one of my favorites from his album. He looks so cute in this video. I love guys in suits so it was very nice to see him wearing one in the beginning of this video. I am very happy to see that having only being posted for 2 days, this video was listed as a most viewed video. Let’s all help Jay get even more hits by sharing this video with everyone you know :) Pooh and I heart you Jay Brannan!

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6 Comments to “JAY BRANNAN – NEW VIDEO!”

  1. Ralph Jon says:

    i can so relate to this song. how i wish i could’ve it all. i love jay brannan. and i agree that he was so cute at the beginning of the video. :)

  2. i like it!
    haha. im adding this to my xanga! =D

  3. Isaac Castro says:

    His voice sounds so….amazing!
    I’m glad you introduced me to this song now

  4. Constantin says:

    My favourite one from jay brannan is “soda shop”

  5. OMOthug says:

    Jay is awesome – never heard of him before your blog… thanks Tiggah!

  6. coldares says:

    he is part of the movie shortbus…I heart him^^,

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